NetComm NF8AC VDSL2+ Modem/Router Bridge Mode

The NetComm NF8AC is an older VDSL2+ modem/router combo that suffers from poor wifi and router speed, but the modem is strong and can be had quite cheaply.

This is a good (and cheap) option for someone that already has a powerful router but not the VDSL modem.

To avoid double-NAT issues and ensure the best performance, the modem needs to be put into bridge mode and then connected via a single cable (on any of the 5 ports on the modem) to the WAN port of your router.

I followed the guide here to get me up and running. The router I’m using is an Asus RT-AC68U which is a few years old now but is still going strong and provides far more throughput than my internet connection can provide (100Mbps/40Mbps FTTN).